About C-HOST

The MS Gulf Coast is prone to several different types of disasters, both natural and man-made.  The purpose of the Coastal Hazard Outreach Strategy Team (C-HOST) is to bring together local government officials, community stakeholders from the general public, private businesses and major employers in order to capitalize on what is being done, coordinate messages, and develop new projects to fill any identified gaps left by existing programs.

C-HOST is a regional outreach team that was established March 5, 2008.  The Team strives to deliver the general FPM message so that residents are educated about flood hazards, flood insurance, flood protection measures, and the NFIP.

Supported by FEMA, MEMA, and the Insurance Services Office (ISO), the Team consists of Building Officials, Certified Floodplain Managers, NFIP CRS Coordinators, along with Planning & Zoning Officials who serve the CRS communities, along the MS Gulf Coast, that include: Bay St Louis, Biloxi, D’Iberville, Gautier, Gulfport, Harrison County, Long Beach, Ocean Springs, Pascagoula, Pass Christian, and Waveland.

2 to 3 CRS community resident representatives, from the general public, serve on the Team, on a rotating basis, along with other community stakeholders, such as private businesses and major employers.

The Team works to prepare and ensure the safety of our families, our businesses, and our communities.  Now working together for over 4 years, the Team has proven dedication to the reduction of flooding and all other hazards affecting each community along the MS Gulf Coast. By meeting the three goals of the NFIP CRS:  flood loss reduction, facilitating an accurate insurance rating, and promote awareness of flood hazards & insurance; the Team hopes to improve its overall rating in the CRS program for each community represented.

C-HOST Goals

  • GOAL 1:  To make the public aware of the flood threat the communities may be susceptible to.
  • GOAL 2:  To promote an all-hazard approach to public outreach.
  • GOAL 3:  To educate local officials as to the importance of making the public aware of flood threats and other hazards.
  • GOAL 4:  To provide a level of consistency in the public message disseminated from the various public entities participating in this strategy.
  • GOAL 5:  To provide for the most comprehensive coverage for public outreach using the most cost effective means, including the pooling of resources and seeking of private sector sponsors.
  • GOAL 6:  To promote the public awareness of the DFIRMS to the community.

Working together to obtain and improve each community’s current CRS Classification, for the residents of those communities, just makes sense!


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